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After I earned a BA in English at The College of William and Mary and grew out the worst freshman haircut in the history of undergraduate education, I wrote advertising copy, worked in corporate communications, sold paintings, wrote novels, raised two great kids, launched a Faith section in our local newspaper, wrote over 100 news articles, and wrote some arts-related articles for a local African-American magazine. Currently, I write and edit for a business consultant. 


My first novel, Flying Home, is available on Amazon. Novels two and three, Maiden America and Under the Red Clay, are currently represented by literary agent, Don Pape.

When I'm not writing, I'm painting. I love oils—the smell, the layers, the slow drying time. Oils let me hyper-focus on the details that forever fascinate me. I've primarily shown at Sanctuary Gallery and now KF Studios. Occasionally I do custom paintings, murals, and portraits. 

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