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After I earned a BA in English at The College of William and Mary and grew out the worst freshman haircut in the history of undergraduate education (below), I wrote advertising copy, worked in corporate communications, sold paintings (below), raised two great kids, launched a Faith section in our local newspaper, wrote over 100 news articles, and wrote some arts-related articles for a local African-American magazine. Currently, I write and edit for a business consultant.

I self-published a novel called Flying Home; I wrote a second novel, Maiden America, which lives a sad life in my dark attic; and I finished novel number 3, Under the Red Clay, represented by literary agent, Don Pape. 


We English majors eventually find our groove. 

Who knew back in college when I started dating a history major, who listened to the Gap Band and wore little white tennis shorts, that he would become the pastor of a big church? Me, a pastor's wife? I didn't grow up in church and didn't even know being a pastor's wife was a thing. But I found my quiet niche at church, rocking babies, painting murals, designing a prayer garden, and starting a program for first generation college students.

We pastors' wives eventually find our groove, too.


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