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Under the Red Clay

A suspected slave cemetery under the front entrance of a white evangelical church in North Carolina alters the lives of the church's novice pastor, Jake Murphy, and a black orthodontist, Dr. Cam Mills, who believes his ancestors lie buried there.


Pastor Jake initially welcomes Dr. Mills' interest in the church site that was once part of a large cotton

plantation. Jake fancies himself socially-conscious, but his leadership decisions get muddied when an influential elder vehemently opposes what he calls a potential "Black Lives Matter circus" on the church's front lawn.

As the controversy over the cemetery escalates and racial and leadership tensions grow, secrets about the past get churned up, and both pastor and orthodontist must decide just how committed they are to fighting against the Southern status quo. 

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1 Mom. 2.5 kids. 0 achievements.


An upcoming high school reunion forces Holly Reese to reconnect with her former self, the artist formerly known as Holly Dover, as well as with her former boyfriend. Holly regrets the person she’s become: a boring housewife with boring hair who yells at her preschool kids, falls short of her husband’s American dream, and lacks any personal achievements that she might casually mention to her former classmates.


An age-old battle arises between Holly’s long-forgotten dreams and her duty to family—flying vs. nesting. As with any battle, there are winners and losers and casualties, but will there in the end be peace?



After 22-year old musician Maiden America makes derogatory comments about the US president, her fans turn against her, and her record company cancels her contract. Maiden runs away to a secret celebrity retreat on a Nicaraguan island, vowing to never sing or play piano again. 

Without music or fame, she rediscovers her core self, that funny, compulsive, word-loving girl from Jersey, who invents spontaneous ditties about Star Trek and obsessively counts objects, like the 4,982 shells she glues to the island's old piano.


This coming of age story examines betrayal, blame, and identity in a culture of outrage that can only be Made in America.

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